Thursday, October 30, 2014

We Never Go Out Of Style

Dress: Thrifted(Still in stores!) || Booties: Old Navy(Similar) || Purse: Old Navy(Similar) || Belt: Thrifted(Similar)
You'll have to excuse my unexpected TSwift 1989 hiatus. It's a routine, every time. Buy the cd, play the cd, read the cd booklet, and sing along. I love it! Sure, she went in a different direction, but how can you blame her? Each of us is changing in our own sort of way, am I right? This year alone has been full of new experiences, new friends, and new interests. Last year I was focused on trying new foods, building the "fall" wardrobe I never had, and getting back into reading.

After a quick trip to Uptown Cheapskate this weekend, I walked out with 2 new dresses and 1 new top - all of which were paisley. Paisley. I'm not sure when I decided paisley was cool again, but I'm totally feeling the fall colored patterns. Would last year's Melissa buy this dress? I'm not sure, but what I do know is fit and flare never goes out of style. ;)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Morton's Salt Girl Costume

You know how your birthday usually turns into week full of celebrating? Well, let's just pretend Halloween is the same way. Happy early Halloween! Today my work is hosting a Children's Halloween party and I get to wear the cutest pink cat ears. Still not sure if I'm dressing up on the actual day of Halloween, but until then, here's another classic Halloween costume you can easily wear again!

Have you seen this(scroll to the 15th pic)? After finding this, I want to make my own Morton Salt purse! Also, how cute is she?! Not only is this costume extremely easy, it's classy as can be. I may be partial to mustard colored things during fall, but seriously, this dress is the perfect pop of color for anytime of year, except Christmas, maybe? Again, yes to mustard flats! The umbrella might not be your everyday accessory, unless you live in Seattle, but it's practical and everyone needs a pretty umbrella. Add a simple necklace, light shade of nail polish, and don't forget your Morton Salt purse!

Fair warning, you might need to warn your friends about an open umbrella, especially if they're superstitious. After all, it is Halloween! If you decide to dress up, I hope you've found some inspiration. Don't forget to check out last year's ideas here, here, here, and here. Now we might not look as cute as Ms. Willow, but we can try right? Happy weekend, lovelies!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall '14

Guess who finally pulled out their "fall clothing"? This girl! The only thing is, last week's cold front has come and gone. I love the Texas heat, but I also love warm fall colors! It's hard to get in the fall mindset when every store is selling pretty sweaters, but you walk out to 80 plus degree weather. In the mean time, I've created a new list of seasonal goals for fall. Fingers crossed this will actually get me in the fall spirit!

Read 3 Non-Fiction books: With my recent interests in Feminism and actually keeping up with news around the world, I'd like to continue educating myself with non-fiction books. I gave in and purchased Lena's Not That Kind of Girl and have been blown away so far. I highly recommend it!

Become a Morning Runner: With daylight savings coming, I won't be able to run after work very often. Recently, I've started coming in to work early and getting in a workout. Turns out, it feels great! It might not be easy adjusting, but I'm willing to work towards...especially if I decide to run a half marathon. Oh gosh, have I gone crazy?

Go on a Hike: Even though the leaves haven't exactly changed colors, I can still go hiking - just preferably in the colder temps. Running the Austin trails is a lot of fun, but it's always nicer when you can actually take in the area around you. Hoping to plan a fun hike with friends sometime soon!

Find a Desk: I recently passed down my old desk to my little brother, leaving me desk-less. I won't lie, it's nice having the extra space and all, but I miss having my own space to write. After sprucing up my desk at work, I'd love to create a similar space for home. Blogging is so much more fun when you have a dedicated space.

Have a Pumpkin Milkshake: Going to college in the Northeast had its perks - an actual fall, a different culture, historical attractions, and my favorite - pumpkin milkshakes! It only lasted a couple weeks, but I made sure I visited our local diner plenty of times. Since I've been back in Austin, I have to yet to try another pumpkin milkshake that comes close. Might have to make my own, huh? Look out for a recipe this fall ;)

I don't know about you, but I'm getting excited now! These might not all be fall related, but it's a new season and that means new changes, right? What's on your list of things to do this fall? Have you made any new goals or a fun a bucket list? Anyone know of the perfect pumpkin milkshake recipe? Happy Thursday, fellow dreamers!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Queen Elsa Costume

Just two more weeks until Halloween! Time to stock up on the goodies and make sure your costume is complete - the Halloween parties will be here before you know it. This week's theme revolves around my favorite Disney movie of the year. Granted, Disney doesn't come out with many cartoon movies every year, but this film blew me away - and the rest of the world. I still hear "Let It Go" on the radio. Still. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I digress.

Luckily, Queen Elsa's costume doesn't take much at all! The pieces I chose might only work for summer, but who wouldn't love an aqua maxi dress next season? Add a sparkly cape or your favorite sheer cardigan and the costume is almost complete! I added a blue necklace and a white pair of heels to create a more complete look. Also, Olaf because he's the best and a total giveaway for your costume. Lastly, a bright lipstick because every queen needs a pop of color. Whether you're blond or not, just gather your hair to one side and braid away. If it's short, maybe try a clip-on? Bonus points for a messy braid!

After putting this costume together, I can't help but think I want to dress up as Queen Elsa. My work is hosting a children's Halloween party and Queen Elsa would be a hit, am I right? Plus, my desk is the first stop for all the trick-or-treaters. Getting so excited just thinking about the candy it! Did I mention I like Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids? Taking candy donations from now until Halloween ;) Happy Friday, fellow dreamers!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Wishlist

October Wishlist
1989 || Coat || Book || Purse || Heels || Sweater
I know this month is Halloween, but if yesterday's post didn't give any indication, I'm way more excited for TSwift's new album release! Shake it off was a great song and all, but Out of the Woods is even better - and sort of reminds me of her original sound, even if she's going pop. And how awesome is it that she's sharing a lyric from every song as a countdown to the album?!? I know, I'm obsessed. See how this went from a monthly wishlist intro to a #fangirl moment? #sorrynotsorry As it is, TSwift takes the spot of two wishlist items...

1989 : It's a given. 11 more days, y'all. 11 days!!!

Plaid Coat: Having a black peacoat is nice, except for when your dog sheds hair everywhere. I can't count the number of times I tried to remove my dog's hair last winter, but I do not want go through this again. Plaid(patterned) coats hide this much better, plus TSwift has one and it seems to go with everything, see here. So many colors, so many choices!

Not That Kind of Girl: This year has been a big eye opener when it comes to feminism and I love having role models of my generation to learn from.  She's honest and doesn't care what you or I think. If that's not inspiring, I don't know what is. Can't wait to read her stories!

Purse: So my favorite purse has a gigantic hole inside. Not visible to others, but it's driving me crazy. I thought I'd downsize, but just look at this beauty. All I see is the impossible possibility of an organized bag with pockets for my phone and keys. And those colors, just perfection. Thanks to the weekend sale, I used my Ruche gift card and ordered this bag at a steal.

Patent Heels: I love dressing up for work, which usually entails heels - at least 4 days a week. Sometimes I get into the habit of wearing the same shoes everyday and eventually I wear them out. After this summer's heels wore out, I needed something new and sturdy. Instead of investing, I bought some of Payless' new comfort plus shoes. I must say though, I'm impressed so far. For pointy shoes, these beauties are comfortable. Fingers crossed they last a while!

Mustard Sweater: My obsession with mustard colored pieces has yet to end. In continuous search of the perfect cable knit sweater, I may have finally found the best of both worlds wrapped into one beautiful piece. Mustard sweaters have swarmed the online shopping world recently, but everywhere it's SOLD OUT. Sometimes you just have to walk in store, cross your fingers, and hope that last sweater is your size. When you find it, it's just meant to be, right?

I promise I'll get back to Halloween later this week, but tell me, what's on your monthly wishlist?  Any TSwift fans excited for the daily lyric revelations? Has anyone finished Lena's book yet? For all you working girls, where's your favorite place to buy a staple pair of black heels - but at a reasonable price? Happy hump day, lovelies!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post Surgery Reads

So this was the post I planned before my wisdom teeth surgery, except I forgot to hit "publish".  I'm still reading the books, so I'm posting it today, with a few changes. Enjoy!

Happy 14th day of October! Today I have the unfortunate pleasure having my wisdom teeth removed. It won't be pretty, but it's necessary - or so the doctors have said. Thankfully, my wisdom teeth was quick and easy. Anyways, to get through the boredom and pain, I've been putting together a reading list. The pain on the other hand, terrible. Just TERRIBLE. I can't say it enough, but it was terrible. Short, because I'm a slow reader and also because Gilmore Girls is finally available on Netflix! I'm glad I had these books but seriously, Good books vs. good episodes? #Priorities, y'all. I definitely indulged in some GG episodes, but check out my current reads!

The Best of Me: Wouldn't you know, another Before the Screen book. The last Nicholas Sparks book I read was The Last Song, don't judge. It was a beautiful story. I'm in 3 chapters and so far, so good. Finished the book last week and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. All I can say, is Nicholas Sparks makes me cry, every time. Let's just hope this movie actually lives up to the book, unlike the other.

Bossypants: Because I never finished it last year and I remember laughing out loud a couple times. Tina Fey's hilarious, witty, and practically besties with Amy Phoehler - so jealous(speaking of, can't wait for her book!!!).  Here's to finishing this book a second third time around. Laughter is the best medicine, right?  Started from the beginning yesterday, but I'm laughing like it's the first time - love it.

Eleanor & Park: Not quite sure where I heard about it, but it was on my reading list and the synopsis sounds wonderful. Boy meets girl, first love, star-crossed misfits, etc. Did I mention I'm a hopeless romantic? Haven't started it yet, but it's next!

So this is where I leave you. A short list of reads I hope to start and maybe even finish! In case you're wondering about "Lean In", I'll be honest - I haven't finished it yet.  Don't you just love how I jump from book to book without finishing it?  Me too.  Let me just say, it was such a good read, but eventually my rental expired and I was left e-bookless, again.  Even if I don't finish all of these books in the next week, here's to hoping I can get through them by the end of the year! Once I'm through with these, I'm hoping to get my hands on Lena's new book and possibly Amy's book - then I'll get back to "Lean In". Saving the best for last, right?

P.S. Speaking of Lena, have you seen this? #ASKLENA

P.S.S. Because 1989 can't come out soon enough, look out for TSwift's newest single "Out of the Woods"!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Garden Fairy Costume

Happy Friday, darlings. With Halloween just a few weeks away, I've decided to show off some weekly costume inspiration again this year!  I would've started last Friday, however, my wisdom teeth surgery didn't leave me in quite the writing condition. Best of all, the pre-surgery post I prepared never published! Way to go, Melissa. Anyways, back to the Halloween fun.

This week's costume takes me back to high school, when I got to experiment with makeup! The mystical look of fairies usually has to do with all the sparkle and glitter, doesn't it? All I needed was a simple tunic, pair of colorful wings, fun tights, and some slippers. For a frugal gal, all I had to purchase were the wings. I know it's silly to spend so much on something you'll only wear once, but I must admit I've worn this costume for more than one Halloween. Besides the makeup, the other costume accessories are practically essentials - so you're good to go!

Just like last year, I plan on keeping accessories simple, because I can't tell you how much I love being able to re-wear these items. Makes the purchase worth it, am I right? This dress could totally be worn as a Greek goddess costume too - so many options! If you have any costume questions or have a suggestion for a new costume, let me know. I'll be whipping up another costume idea for next Friday!