Friday, October 10, 2014

Garden Fairy Costume

Happy Friday, darlings. With Halloween just a few weeks away, I've decided to show off some weekly costume inspiration again this year!  I would've started last Friday, however, my wisdom teeth surgery didn't leave me in quite the writing condition. Best of all, the pre-surgery post I prepared never published! Way to go, Melissa. Anyways, back to the Halloween fun.

This week's costume takes me back to high school, when I got to experiment with makeup! The mystical look of fairies usually has to do with all the sparkle and glitter, doesn't it? All I needed was a simple tunic, pair of colorful wings, fun tights, and some slippers. For a frugal gal, all I had to purchase were the wings. I know it's silly to spend so much on something you'll only wear once, but I must admit I've worn this costume for more than one Halloween. Besides the makeup, the other costume accessories are practically essentials - so you're good to go!

Just like last year, I plan on keeping accessories simple, because I can't tell you how much I love being able to re-wear these items. Makes the purchase worth it, am I right? This dress could totally be worn as a Greek goddess costume too - so many options! If you have any costume questions or have a suggestion for a new costume, let me know. I'll be whipping up another costume idea for next Friday!

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