Monday, November 17, 2014

November Wishlist

Is it too early to be searching for the perfect holiday dress? The cold won't go away and the holiday party invitations have been sent. In case you haven't heard, Free People released a new Holiday Collection and it's taking everything for me to not blow my shopping budget on one of these beauties, particularly this month's wishlist item...

Dress: As a major fan of drop-waist dresses and a lot of sparkle, this dress is perfection. And have you seen the back? You haven't seen a holiday party dress until you've seen this.

Card Holder: After attending a conference last week, I have realized trying to carry blogger and work business cards in one holder doesn't work too well. Not only is this option colorful and professional, it won't break the bank!

Hat: I love a good floppy hat, especially my red one, but I'm loving the neutral tone of this one. One can never have one too many hats, am I right?

Boots: After pulling out my shoes for the colder season, I started to notice I have nothing but black footwear. My closet however, is calling for a good pair of brown boots. When it comes to knee-high boots, the options are endless, but I can't get over the braided detail on this pair.

Booties: Yes, another pair of shoes. My favorite pair of booties had its final run last season and I've been on the search for a replacement. After checking the price on these leather booties at Marshall's, I knew it was meant to be, just like this.

Jeggings: These are it. The perfect pair for me. I went in store, tried them on, and then I saw the price tag. I'm searching the thrift stores, waiting for a major sale, or hoping for a gift card!

See what I did there? So discreet, I know. Anyways, just 10 more days till turkey day! Which means family, lots of pumpkin pie, and a possible shopping trip on black friday! Fingers crossed one of these items will go on sale ;)

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