Friday, January 9, 2015

Because it's Friday

As much as I love my job, going back to work after the Holidays is always an adjustment - especially when the weather becomes too cold to get out of bed. Needless to say, I'm so glad it's Friday! While my weekend plans may be few, it's only getting colder, my dvr is full, and I may or may not have borrowed a couple more books from the library. If your weekend is anything like mine or the weather isn't so pretty, check out the links below and enjoy!

Because some of my(and your) style choices might revolve around her outfits.

Because what's better than having three men fall in love with you?

Because you know you can still make it Oregon with only two oxen.

Because it's important to think before you speak.

Because let's be honest, besides number one, you were curious about The Office's bachelors.

Because it's cold outside and I don't have a pair of brown booties.

Because there's more to Victoria Beckham than you know.

Because laughter is the best medicine.

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