Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I'm a planner, so naturally I gravitate towards routine. Just like a to-do list, it feels good to check off the steps of my day. Recently, I read Becky Murphy's(Chipper Things) post on her morning and nighttime rituals and felt inspired to write my own. We live different lives and work different jobs, but I love learning how others create routine. From high school to college to the real world, my routine has changed over the years. Although some days are different, I'm sharing my typical routines from Sunday evening to Friday morning.


Whether I'm reading, watching TV or surfing the web, I light my Lavender candle in the evening. Not only is it soothing, it's the perfect scent for sleeping.

Around 10:30, I start prepping for bed. Since becoming an early riser, I pack my gym bag with tomorrow's work outfit and lay out my workout gear.

To wash up, I brush, floss and rinse with my favorite mouthwash. When it comes to my face, I keep it simple. I don't typically wear makeup, so a gentle cleanser does the job. I finish off with a toner, night moisturizer and gentle eye cream. Seriously though, I can't go to sleep until my face feels clean and extra moisturized.

Once my alarm is set, I fluff my pillows and jump in bed. To avoid playing games on my phone, I pull out my Sudoku book and challenge myself to finish a puzzle in 15 min or less. Whether or not I finish, I turn out the lights and before I know it...zzz.


My alarm goes off and I always snooze once. I get up, put on my workout clothes, and make instant oatmeal with frozen blueberries(trust me, they thaw fast) for breakfast.

Since I'm on my way to workout, I brush my teeth and wash my face quickly. I grab my bag and double check I didn't forget something, e.g. shoes for work. Lastly, I stuff my purse with snacks and leftovers for lunch.

Depending on the day, my morning workout consists of Barre, Blogilates, or running. Thanks to the gym at work, I only need 25 min to shower and get ready!

Once dressed, I put on a daily moisturizer, curl my lashes, and add some mascara. Every once in a while or if I have time, I'll even throw on a bright lipstick. Saving the hair for last, I towel dry my hair and throw in leave-in conditioner - stops all most frizz in its tracks.

After I get to my desk, I make a cup of hot green tea and let the day begin!

So now that I've shared my routines, are you an early riser or night owl? Routines might be for me, but what about you? Share your secrets and tips for getting ready quickly in the morning.

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  1. Love that you work out in the morning! You make it sound so easy ;-) My routine is being set since I just moved, but would love to get something down pat once I'm settled in.


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