Thursday, May 14, 2015

24 before 24 Recap

Seeing as how late I posted last year's 24 before 24 list, I think it's fair to recap as late as I am now. Come to think of it, it hasn't even been a full year yet. Give it five more days, okay? Cool. Anyways, 23 has been quite the year. So many changes, new friends, taking new risks, etc. I couldn't believe it when I realized April was almost over! I glanced over my list and realized hey, I've done some of these things, and not so many either. Still, I never printed it out or glanced back more than twice, so I'm proud of what accomplished during the year. Who knows, maybe some will trickle on to my next list? But alas, let's get to the good stuff...

1. Plan a road trip - So no "real" road tip, but I did visit my friend in San Antonio and I haven't seen her in years, so I'll count that. Wasn't exactly planned, but spontaneity is more fun right?

2. Run a half marathon - Gosh, I was crazy. I ran three miles this morning and don't remember how I even trained for this!

3. Attend 3 concerts/shows - The Mastersons, Michael Buble(did I mention he was the best concert of my life?), Various SXSW bands I don't remember the names of, and Kate Voegele.

4. Host a Tea Party - Not exactly, but how about next year!

5. Fly my Kite - Even in the rain and cold, I was determined to fly my kite at this year's 2015 Zilker Kite Festival. Didn't do so well, but my awesome friend and I learned to make homemade kites and they flew amazingly!

6. Plant a kumquat tree - I tried, I really did, but no luck.

7. Organize my CD quarter collection - Oops, this whole time, I thought I'd written quarters! The quarters were organized; but the CDs, not so much.

8. Master the Cat-eye look - I probably tried it 3 times out of the whole year, but I'd say I was successful every time.

9. Go to Brunch - I don't know what took me so long! Good food, good company, and early sunshine is all I need in life. And Chipotle, always Chipotle.

10. Create a realistic budget - Owned it, like a boss(!) - minus the whole sticking to it 100% part.

11. Find the Perfect LBD - Last year's drop waist dress hit the jackpot, but I'd lie if I said I didn't want another one. Cheers to finding another perfect LBD!

12. Pay off 2 student loans - Have I mentioned how great it feels? Sure I have more, but each one is a weight lifted off my shoulders!

13. Figure out my Camera - Maybe I'm not meant to work cameras? The struggle is real, y'all.

14. Try 12 new recipes - Only 7, but I'm still learning! My latest concoction, Black Bean & Avocado tacos. Look out for the recipe soon!

15. Decorate my desk at work - So pretty.

16. Attempt the 30x30 Challenge - Let's plan for next year.

17. Travel somewhere new - I'm going to Greece!!! And Arkansas!!! Not exactly before 24, but all planned before 24 ;)

18. Learn to do a headstand - Yoga was short-lived, but I definitely got close.

19. Purchase a Power Suit - Still have my old suit, but I never quite found one I liked and/or that was reasonably priced.

20. Save for a Car - Slowly but surely.

21. Redesign my Blog - So in love with the new design.

22. Paint something(outside paint/wine classes) - Never quite got around to it, but I do have two nice additions from the paint/wine classes!

23. Support Etsy artisans - Yes! Bought a sweet cat mug for a Christmas gift.

24. Feng Shui my room - All I can say, is so much space!

17 out of 24 isn't bad, right? If anything, it makes me excited for the year to come. If only we could get past this rainy weather. I'm so ready for the summer sunshine, aren't you?


  1. Love the new design too. What a great year! Can't wait to see your next one and chat about it at hh!

  2. Love your list! I'm working on a 31 by 31 right now. Daunting!


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