Friday, September 11, 2015

Link Love

We all know NYFW is going on, but why not read something light and fun? It's the weekend after all!  There's so much to see and read, but I've narrowed down the best just for you. Sit back, start clicking, and enjoy!

Traveling soon? Don't know about you, but I might have to visit one of these getaways next fall.

This video proves that romance never dies, at any age.

Fashion comes and goes with the decades, but a century? These pictures are unbelievable.

The new iPhones are incredible, but the rose gold makes them extra least I think it does.

Just 4 more days until Danny Castellano is back in our lives. Thank you Hulu!

Who knew bra sizes could be so complicated? Nicole's post makes me want to run to Nordstrom this weekend!

Bando continues to blow my mind with perfect girliness. Have you seen these?

Can't help it, this song is on repeat all day.

LC by Lauren Conrad just got a major upgrade and this may be the best reaction I've read all day.

Who needs bulky rain boots when these beauties exist? brb, adding these to my wish list.


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